We are a group of people that are united together by a deep desire to stop pretending. We are parents and singles and old and young that are being real with one another and open to the people around us. We are going beyond just learning more information or trying to be more “moral”. We are living life between Sundays.

We are a new church in Dripping Springs, TX that gives other people the opportunity to do the same thing. When we say church we are not talking about having a building or a religious social club, we are talking about real faith that influences every area of our lives. We mean people that take their faith with them to work, home and play instead of a place to check off your spiritual duty for the week. We mean a community that encourages one another in the hard times and failures instead of beating people down and pouring on guilt. We mean that we want a place that each person can share their struggles and problems without fear of judgment. We mean a real church with real people that live real lives.