The scientific evidence for God does not end with the Cosmological Argument. For many, the precision with which the universe exploded into being provides even more persuasive evidence for the existence of God.
This evidence, technically known as the Teleological Argument, derives its name from the Greek word telos, which means “design.” The Teleological Argument goes like this:

1. Every design had a designer.
2. The universe has highly complex design.
3. Therefore, the universe had a Designer

The Design Argument for the existence of God has received more attention in recent years with the discovery of the Anthropic Principle. The Anthropic Principle is a scientific observation that the universe is precisely fine-tuned for life here on earth. Any small variation in any one of a number of factors describing the initial conditions or current conditions of our universe would preclude the existence of life. It’s as if there is a control room of the universe somewhere with over one hundred dials, all set to exactly the right level for there to be a universe and life here on earth. Since many of these factors are interdependent, a minute change in any one of them would render the universe lifeless.

There are three possibilities for the apparent fine-tuning of the universe:

  • Chance
  • Physical necessity
  • Design