Discover the Art of Bible Storying…
For thousands of years, stories were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn and experience God. Echo desires to recapture this sacred art of biblical storytelling, inspiring new generations to find themselves in God’s Story.

Echo uses a process called Storying (short for Chronological Bible Storying) Рa sequential telling of Bible stories followed by a time of review and dialogue. Derived from the ancient Hebrew way of learning through careful observation and discussion, Storying was rediscovered a few decades ago by missionaries who are now using this method extensively around the world. Recently, Storying is also proving to be effective with youth and adults in our media-literate, story-oriented North American context.

  1. Beginnings listen Read
  2. First Humans listen Read
  3. Separation listen Read
  4. Cain and Abel listen Read
  5. The Flood listen Read
  6. The Covenant listen Read
  7. Isaac listen Read
  8. Jacob and Esau listen Read
  9. Joseph listen Read
  10. Moses listen Read
  11. The Passover listen Read
  12. Law and Commands listen Read
  13. Sacrifices listen Read
  14. Judges, Kings & Prophets listen Read
  15. The Birth of Jesus listen Read
  16. Baptism and Temptation listen Read
  17. Jesus and the Pharisees listen Read
  18. The Kingdom listen Read
  19. Miracles listen Read
  20. The New Covenant (no audio) Read
  21. Death and Resurrection listen Read
  22. The Church listen Read