Reggie McNeal writes, “We must change our ideas of what it means to develop a disciple, shifting the emphasis from studying Jesus and all things spiritual in an environment protected from the world to following Jesus into the world to join him in his redemptive mission.”

Unfortunately most of us have been discipled in the first environment, and so we have few role models to help us lead others in the latter approach.  Yet the model Jesus presents to us in the Gospels is of discipleship through being sent out in mission and dealing with the resulting faith, skills and character issues that are revealed.

  • Which part of your life requires most discipleship input at the moment?  From whom?
  • Who could you help disciple this week?  Can you do so without forcing them to withdraw from the world?

HCBCDS strives to provide Gospel-Centered training that is…

  • Biblical: deeply rooted in and springing forth from the Scriptures
  • Missional: starts from the understanding that all that we do in the Christian life is intended to be “missional”
  • Practical: contains rich theology which is applied in details so as to be relevant to real life
  • Flexible: allows one to remain in their everyday vocation and to participate in their local Christian community
  • Accessible:  designed for the ordinary Christian and yet remains compelling for even the theologically trained
  • Comprehensive:  not theology for theology sake, but rather  holistic biblical training in the areas of Character, Bible & Doctrine, the Church, and Engaging the World
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