Sermons from December 2012

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Anticipating the Presence of God


How do you worship? Do you prepare before the corporate gathering and come with a sense of anticipation of God’s presence being manifest as a gathered church? We take a look at Scripture to discover what it means to experience the manifest presence of God and live a life of anticipation and expectation of Him […]

Jesus Wants Compassion to Flow


Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan. We are not the Samaritan in the story, we are the man that lays dying on the road. Jesus is the Great Samaritan who has given us much – no we must go and do likewise. We are simply to give what we have already received by […]

Christian Response to Newtown


Our friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors are all trying to piece things together. Now is not the time for debates. Now is a time for tears and prayer. Now is a time to hug our children, comfort others and cling to the promises that our God isn’t distant or aloof to our pain, suffering, […]

Jesus Wants Generous Hearts


So many of our worries, complexities and fears have to do with money. God knows this, which is why he filled the Scriptures with wisdom concerning not just money but all of life’s “possessions.” This week we are going to look at a church in Jerusalem and what the grace of God accomplished in their […]

Jesus Wants Your Worship


What if we celebrated your birthday the way we do Christmas? You would probably be offended by the over eating, going into debt and your guests swapping gifts with one another while you are ignored. Christmas has become a consumer-centered orgy of materialism and self-indulgence and we need to refocus on Jesus, his purpose in […]