Sermons from April 2013

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We live in a world where everything we think that is stable is actually very shaky. When we place our stability on these things we shake when they shake. How can you go through life without being shaken by the circumstances around you? Luke gives us a great example of how this is to be […]

Power of a Name


Fervent Jews in Jesus’ time met at the temple three times daily for prayer—during morning sacrifice, during the afternoon sacrifice, and at sunset. In this section Peter and John attended the temple. Although not looking for ministry opportunities, they were met with a challenge from God to take their faith seriously. What follows is the […]

The Holy Spirit Descends


Before His death, Jesus told all those who were spiritually thirsty to come to Him and drink. He promised that rivers of living waters would flow out of them, speaking symbolically of the Holy Spirit who hadn’t been given, because Jesus had not yet been glorified (John 7:37-39). Jesus later said it was for our […]