Sermons from November 2013

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Knowing God Through Community


Contrary to “lone ranger” faith, Christianity is meant to be lived in relationship with others. Among Christians, we are encouraged and challenged to live more like Jesus. And among non-Christians, because of our love, we are to give people an encounter with Jesus himself. Though we’ll likely never get it perfect, with the help of […]

Knowing God Through Scripture


More than a simple book about God, the Bible is a collection of letters, songs, laws, history, poetry and prophecy that paints a vivid and complex picture of God’s relationship with his creation. Many people believe that God still speaks through this collection of literature, even to this day. Consequently, what’s found within its pages […]

Knowing God Through Prayer


One of God’s mysterious qualities is his ability to be both intimate and yet immense; empathetic and yet all-powerful. Why would the creator of the universe take interest in me? And yet, the scriptures are clear that God desires intimate, personal relationship with his creation. Jesus himself retreats regularly for extended times of prayer. In […]

Knowing God Introduction


Rather than handing us a rulebook, Jesus provided assurance of God’s unconditional love and acceptance. Christianity is more about restoring relationship with our creator than jumping through bunches of hoops, and then hoping that we measure up. No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you’ve wronged, God is anxiously awaiting your return. […]