Sermons from December 2013

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Love Came Down


If Christmas is true and if you believe it’s true, because you don’t have access to this if you don’t believe it, if you believe what happened at Christmas really happened, there are three solid bases for joy. Here’s what they are. Our bad things will turn out for good, our most truly good things […]

All in a Name


What does this naming event of Jesus tell us? How does that apply to us? How does that apply to how we’re supposed to discover who we are? Here is God showing us how Jesus knew who he was. How does that apply to us finding out who we are? In the Bible, your name […]

The Promise of Christmas


A destination is not just the end of a journey, it is also the point of the journey. The journey is undertaken because of some purpose or commitment, which is fulfilled when the journey reaches its destination. Last week we saw that Jesus was the completion of the Old Testament story as Matthew points out […]

Breaking In


Often times Christmas is a time not for peace, joy and love but for disappointment, stress, struggles, and depression. We limp into this season and think if you just push through and participate and buy gifts and visit family and come to church then the pain will go away. It doesn’t work that way. In […]