Sermons from January 2014

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Love, Sex and Marriage


Sex and marriage are some of the hottest (no pun intended) issues in our modern society. We place improper value on sex (both undervaluing and overvaluing it) which then carries over to our marriage relationships. Proverbs offers insight to the beauty and glory of sex and marriage as well as the downfall when approached in […]

Wisdom for Wealth


Wisdom is not less than being moral and good; it’s much more. It’s knowing the right thing to do, the right course of action to take, the right choice to make, in the great majority of life situations the moral rules don’t address. One of the areas where you will have a mess of a […]

Wisdom for Work


Scripture talks positively about work under the heading of “diligence.” It talks negatively about work under the heading of “sluggard” or “laziness.” We live in a city where there’s probably more pressure on, and fewer boundaries to, and less stability in, our work than MOST PLACES, so let’s listen to this. The book of Proverbs […]

Wisdom’s Call


The word “wisdom” basically means “skill.” In the Book of Proverbs it refers to skillful living, “the ability to make wise choices and live successfully according to the moral standards of the covenant community.” Wisdom is the skill of applying knowledge rightly, or skill in the art of godly living. This introduction provides insight into […]