Sermons from February 2014

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Wisdom in Conflict


We all face conflict on a daily basis. God does not call us to avoid conflict but to handle it with wisdom. According to the book of Proverbs, a wise person knows the need to resolve conflict, the components of resolving conflict, and the heart of resolving conflict.

Wisdom for Anger


Things don’t always happen the way we want and people don’t always behave the way we think they should. In that our world is disrupted. One of the main themes of the book of Proverbs is if you’re going to live a wise life, if you’re going to have a heart that discerns, you need […]

Wisdom in Humility


Over and over and over again, the Bible says, especially the book of Proverbs says, “If you think you’re wise, you’re a fool; but if you are painfully aware of all of your foolishness, you are, or at least you’re on your way to, becoming wise.” So this is about pride and humility, and we’re […]

Wisdom for Parenting


Everyone who has children thinks about the question: How can I be an effective or even successful parent? I have yet to meet a parent who simply wanted to pass children off into the next stage of life with basic physical health in tact but nothing more. We want our children to thrive, and we […]