Sermons from March 2014

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We find it increasingly difficult to be still. Advertisements tell us to “Act now!” Facebook and Twitter keep us up to date by the second of what everyone else is doing or thinking. Fast food restaurants encourage us to cook, procure, and eat food quickly. Our inbox and calendar always remind us of our obligations […]

Delighting in the Law of the Lord


We tend to approach the Bible looking for an informational exchange. We to the Bible to learn something. While the Bible contains the wisdom of God, the primary reason to read Scripture isn’t to learn stuff, but to become stuff. Transformation is the primary reason the written Word of God exists. Meditating on Scripture requires […]

Wisdom With Words


The book of Proverbs says how you speak will make or break your life. Learning to speak wisely is all important. This passage tells us about the power of our words, the character of our words, and the healing of our words.

Wisdom for Friendship


Proverbs says you’re not going to be a wise person, you will not lead a wise life, unless you are great at choosing, forging, and keeping terrific friendships. You will not make it in life unless you are really good at choosing, forging, and keeping terrific friendships.