Sermons from January 2015

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All in the Name

In the unfolding story of God’s relationship with Moses, we are at the point where Moses has just been called to the Herculean task of serving as God’s mediator. God has called him to be the human vessel through which God will deliver his people out of bondage to Egypt. Just after receiving this life-changing […]

Encountering God


At first, this burning bush is a distracting, disrupting sight. At first, all it is to Moses is a disrupting sight. When he gets closer he sees it’s a seemingly major contradiction. When he gets even closer he sees there’s a burning angel in the middle. I would like to say to you, as you […]

Life’s Detours


Detours occur not only on the highways, but also sometimes in our lives. Sometimes we are planning on heading in one direction in life, then circumstances change drastically, sending us in a totally unexpected direction. Sometimes detours come as a result of circumstances beyond your control. Detours are sometimes the result of unforeseen events related […]

Providence of God


Although few of us have faced the type of persecution that the Israelites faced in Egypt, we do sometimes find ourselves in difficult and challenging circumstances which lead us to ask the questions, “Where are you, God?” and “Why is this happening to me?” As Christians, we all give verbal assent to the truth of […]