Sermons from March 2015

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In Exodus 11, we learn about a term which has great significance in the Old Testament, the book of Exodus, and the New Testament.  It is the term firstborn – it is where the exodus story and the priestly story meet.  And it is connected to the last of the Ten Plagues, the death of the […]

The Word That Determines Reality


Behind the difficulties, challenges, oppositions, and hardships that we face are fundamental questions such as Who is in control of life?, Who gets to set the rules?, Who should be obeyed? These are the questions Pharaoh is dealing with in Exodus 7-12, and he is confronted with circumstances that he cannot control and which are […]

Whom Do I Belong?


Everybody knows what freedom is, but if you really want to know what freedom feels like … Freedom feels like complete, personal greatness, to be completely under control, to be full of joy, fulfillment, doing the things we most desire to do. Christianity agrees with the culture as to what freedom feels like. It feels […]

The God Who Is…


The Ten Plagues are the judgment through which God delivers his people.  God turns the natural elements of Egypt against them, while at the same time demonstrating that the gods that are allegedly connected to these natural elements are nothing.  God judges Egypt using their own gods in order to free His people.  He delivers […]