Sermons from April 2015

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Responding to God


What is worship? It means seeing what God is worth, and then giving him what he’s worth. Why do we worship or more specifically, why do we worship through singing? First, we see, Christians sing because God’s salvation demands it. Then secondly we see that Christians sing because God’s character deserves it. And then finally, […]

Crossing Over


There is probably no text in all of the Bible that is a better text to look at if you want to understand this old word salvation than Exodus 14. The crossing of the Red Sea is looked at by the whole Bible. Every part tends to look back to see it as a paradigm […]

Christ our Passover Lamb


There is probably no better answer to the question, “what is so unique about this God and what is so unique about his ways and this faith?”, than this famous passage (Exodus 12: the Passover), but look at what is at the center of it: the bloody death of a helpless victim.