Sermons from May 2015

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Purpose of the Law


The average modern person either believes the law is what saves you, the law is what you have to do to be moral and good in order to be saved or to receive salvation or to receive divine blessing, or else they believe the law is something we have to get beyond. Both of those […]

Available and Teachable


What we find in Exodus 18 is a story about Moses’ interaction with his father-in-law Jethro.  And we see Moses, who is available and teachable.  He doesn’t waste the story of God’s work in his life, and he doesn’t let his position make him unteachable.  So let’s look at how these two God-centered qualities are […]

Learning to be Free


Salvation is how God intervenes in our lives to liberate us from the things that would enslave us and kill us. Salvation is God’s liberating activity in our lives, because if you build your identity on anything rather than God, more than God, it becomes something that enslaves you. God intervenes to liberate us, and […]