Sermons from September 2015

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Bronze Basin: God Cleanses Sinners


All of us know by experience that water is necessary for life. The human body can last somewhere between two and ten days without water, depending on the outside temperature. Without water, we dehydrate, our organs fail, and we die. Spiritually speaking, our souls need the grace of the Lord just as our bodies need […]

Altar: God Saves Sinners


Many people say they want to know God. Usually what they really mean is that they want God to bless them. They’re not interested in God as much as they are in what he can do for them. They have a long list of questions they’d like him to answer, problems they’d like him to […]

Tabernacle: Getting Started


The tabernacle was given by God as a display of truth. Each item in the tabernacle served as a visual aid, reminding God’s people of his character, comforting them with his grace, and assuring them of the hope he extends to sinners. But the tabernacle was not built by God like creation: he used his […]