Sermons from November 2015

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Show Me Your Glory


Exodus 33 is a follow-up text after the colossal failure of the idolatry with the golden calf. The fall was great, and the consequences were severe. God was angry; the covenant had been broken; people died. Frankly, the future of Israel was very uncertain at this point. Here in the beginning of chapter 33, God makes a […]

Lure of Idolatry


Exodus 32 is one of the best examples of the craziness and the consequences of misplaced desires that become deadly.  This is the story of the golden calf.  According to the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 10, this story is given for our instruction “that we might not desire evil as they did” (1 Cor. […]

Work and Rest


I want to invite you to think with me about two subjects: work and rest.  This is something that relates to every one of us, regardless of our age, experience, education or background.  We are going to talk about something that is a critical part of our humanity – something that is a vital part […]

All Dressed Up


We all try to dress ourselves up for God. But somewhere deep down, we start to discover something we all need to learn: Even if we wear clothes fit for a priest, we are not good enough to stand before God.