Sermons from January 2016

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Real Faith Works


James 2:14-26 Faith and works aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, James tells us that faith apart from works is dead. Works don’t save us, but good works should follow true faith.

Faith Works Against Partiality


James 2:1-13 There’s fatal perceptions in life. There’s errors in judgment and discernment. We prejudge situations that are not only deadly in the physical realm, like that, but can be deadly in the spiritual and the relational realm.  James is gonna teach us in chapter 2, the first 13 verses that it is counterfeit Christianity […]

Antidote to Deception


James 1:19-27 When you’re deceived about a thing, it’s dangerous. When you’re deceived about a relationship, it’s devastating. If we’re deceived about our relationship with God, it can be deadly. James teaches us how we can defend and prepare ourselves against spiritual deception.