Sermons from January 2017

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The Insanity of Pride


Daniel 4:1-37 Pride is one of the few sins that is still almost universally recognized as being wrong. In fact, even people who would not regard themselves as religious find pride offensive. Yet at the same time few people actually recognize the sin of pride within themselves; we may see it readily enough in others, […]

Fireproof Faith


Daniel 3:1-30 We’re looking at the book of Daniel, because after living for centuries in a culture in which the cultural institutions supported their belief in God, the Israelites, in this book, had found themselves in Babylon, a religiously pluralistic society where all the cultural institutions, the government and the media and the education and […]



Daniel 2 Now whatever the details of Daniel, chapter 2 mean, the great message is clear. That even in the midst of the rise and the fall of world empires and the reigns of good and bad rulers and in good times and bad times, the kingdom of God will be established. It will grow, […]

Resolution to Holiness


We begin our series in Daniel by looking at Daniel 1. The book of Daniel calls us to perseverance, faithfulness and hope. It is a message of standing out and standing up in the right ways and at the right times in a culture that is in opposition to our Christian values. note: this sermon […]