Sermons from March 2017

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Living in Light of Our Future Hope


Daniel 12:1-13 We live in an age in which we expect everything to be fixable. If your teeth aren’t straight, orthodontics will set them right. If you don’t like your body shape, try cosmetic surgery. If your job frustrates you, search online for new opportunities that will fulfill your potential. If you can’t get along […]

The Touch of God


Daniel 10:1-21 Instead of getting hung up on the minor issues we need to look at the major point this section is making. It is written around three vital touches that communicate three important messages.

The Glory of Prayer


Daniel 9:1-23 We talk about knowing God a lot, and most of us, I would think, would say that we want to know God. And if you want to know what a person looks like who knows God, Daniel is a good example of that. He was resolute; he was a man who loved God’s […]