Sermons from April 2017

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True Meaning of Marriage


Ephesians 5:31-32 The one area that provides us the most joy, or the most heartache, is relationships, whether you are single or married. We are launching today on a 5‐week series exploring some of our closest relationships. We’re going to learn principles about ourselves that apply to all relationships, including marriage. Here’s what I’ve found: […]

God is For Us


Romans 8:31-39 The important truth that is expressed here is as simple as it is profound: God is for YOU. These four words are loaded with theological, practical, and emotional depth. To say that God is for us means that everything in God’s sovereign plan, his redemptive acts, and the situations in our lives have […]

Gospel Resources


Romans 8:12-30 If your life is really going to be equipped in any spiritual way for real life, we have to see how it is that faith in Christ or how it is that Christ actually does prepare you to face the unavoidable brutalities of life. This passage gives us four gospel resources to face […]