Sermons from March 2018

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Authority Part 2


Matthew 9:1-34 Matthew has already shown us in chapter 8 that Jesus has authority over disease—leprosy, paralysis, and fevers are all His servants. He also has authority over disciples, disasters, and demons. And all this is good news for followers of Christ. We trust in His authority over all these things and we rejoice in […]



Matthew 5-7 Even though we may have an idea of what a Christian should look like, Jesus has already painted the picture, and it’s for succeeding generations to make sure their conception of the Christian life matches the one painted on the Galilean hillside long, long ago. And it’s to that portrait we look this […]

Follow Me


Matthew 4:12-25 Two simple words: Follow Me. This is the life-changing call of Jesus in Matthew 4:12-25. This passage helps us see what it means to follow Jesus at the most basic level. In response to this passage, we should be asking ourselves the question, “Am I following Him?” No more important question can be […]