Sermons from July 2018

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Matthew 24:1-36 Jesus’ prophecies concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and His second coming are a call for His disciples to trust in His authority, persevere in His power, and long for His return.



Matthew 23 The danger of spiritual deception is real, even for those who are sincere in their religious convictions; therefore, we must submit to God’s Word and look to the mercy of Christ in the gospel.



Matthew 21:23-22:46 Jesus’ authority has been and continues to be questioned and rejected by some people due to sin and unbelief, but His vindication can be seen in His death, resurrection, and final restoration.  

The King


Matthew 21:1-17 The glorious attributes of King Jesus are on display during and following His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the beginning of the climactic ending to His first coming.