Night Before Christmas

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Christmas is here again and even though it has been advertised since before Halloween, many will still miss it.

Busy in Bethlehem


Luke 2:1-3, 8-20 When Jesus was born, the small town of Bethlehem was flooded with people who had moved away returning because of the census. They were so busy–with crowded streets, overbooked hotels, and increased economic possibilities–that they missed the birth of Jesus right under their noses.

Hopeless in Jerusalem


Isaiah 11:1-10, Luke 2:22-40 When waiting with expectation turns to coping with hopelessness, it can shift your focus from believing in the promise to believing it was all too good to be true, and in the midst of hopelessness, missing the Messiah.

Unaware in Rome


Luke 2:1-7 When you think you already have what you need the most, think you already have a ruler worth following and dying for, and think you are happy, it’s easy to miss the coming of Jesus.