Culture Shift: The Book of Daniel

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Often we read the book of Daniel in one of two ways--either as a book about a heroic man whose righteousness should inspire us to keep the faith no matter what our circumstances, or as a roadmap to the end times that can, through careful study, perhaps tell us the day and hour (or nearly so) of Christ's return. Both are sadly missing the bigger picture, that God is the hero of this story and he is in the midst of his unrelenting plan to rescue his people from their sin and its consequences. We mustn't simply make the man Daniel the object of our worship nor the subject of our debates. We should never miss the point that the book of Daniel is, like all of Old Testament Scripture, pointing us toward the grace of God, ultimately revealed in Christ.

Living in Light of Our Future Hope


Daniel 12:1-13 We live in an age in which we expect everything to be fixable. If your teeth aren’t straight, orthodontics will set them right. If you don’t like your body shape, try cosmetic surgery. If your job frustrates you, search online for new opportunities that will fulfill your potential. If you can’t get along […]

The Touch of God


Daniel 10:1-21 Instead of getting hung up on the minor issues we need to look at the major point this section is making. It is written around three vital touches that communicate three important messages.

The Glory of Prayer


Daniel 9:1-23 We talk about knowing God a lot, and most of us, I would think, would say that we want to know God. And if you want to know what a person looks like who knows God, Daniel is a good example of that. He was resolute; he was a man who loved God’s […]

Great and Good


Daniel 7:1-28 We need constant reminders of how important it is to keep sight of the big picture. We can too easily focus on our immediate circumstances—an election, an economic downturn, a career disappointment, a family dispute—and in the face of our immediate concerns, remove ourselves from the great purposes of God that he promises […]

Trust and Live


Daniel 6:1-28 Daniel 6 concludes the biographical portion of Daniel and puts on display the message to trust and live in Jesus.

The Insanity of Pride


Daniel 4:1-37 Pride is one of the few sins that is still almost universally recognized as being wrong. In fact, even people who would not regard themselves as religious find pride offensive. Yet at the same time few people actually recognize the sin of pride within themselves; we may see it readily enough in others, […]

Fireproof Faith


Daniel 3:1-30 We’re looking at the book of Daniel, because after living for centuries in a culture in which the cultural institutions supported their belief in God, the Israelites, in this book, had found themselves in Babylon, a religiously pluralistic society where all the cultural institutions, the government and the media and the education and […]



Daniel 2 Now whatever the details of Daniel, chapter 2 mean, the great message is clear. That even in the midst of the rise and the fall of world empires and the reigns of good and bad rulers and in good times and bad times, the kingdom of God will be established. It will grow, […]

Resolution to Holiness


We begin our series in Daniel by looking at Daniel 1. The book of Daniel calls us to perseverance, faithfulness and hope. It is a message of standing out and standing up in the right ways and at the right times in a culture that is in opposition to our Christian values. note: this sermon […]