Who am I: Finding Our Identity in Christ

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We define ourselves by many things: career, family, status, success. When we fail in any one of those categories we only find condemnation and burden. What if your identity was meant to be in something else or someone else? How would your life change if you discovered how God sees you?

I Am Strong


We live in a day when, through psychology, through explanation, through a resistance to the supernatural, people don’t even believe in Satan and demons. We turn them into fictitious cartoon characters and mythical parts of our historical narrative; the stories we tell and the fairy tales we enjoy—we don’t think they’re real. We don’t think […]

I Am Not My Own


We must live our life in the identity that we are not our own but that we belong to Christ and submit to his rule and reign. Marriage and family puts this on display.

I am Adopted


You are an adopted son of God. You’re a child of the King. You have the privilege in this life of an intimate relationship with your Father, and you can look forward with expectant hope to an eternal inheritance that is far more glorious than anything you can imagine.

I am New


What does it mean to be made new? The answer is four things. It means you recognize the old self. It means you change from the inside. You do that by transforming your thinking and by being captivated by Jesus.

I am Complete


We have the life of the Trinity in us but we live in spiritual immaturity until we’re willing to do the hard work of developing and creating unity in the church.

I am Reconciled


Despite a literal and spiritual dividing wall of hostility between Jews and Gentiles—centuries of conflict starting with Abraham—in Christ, they are reconciled. Their identity is no longer circumcised or uncircumcised, it is a new people, “Christian.” Even more amazingly, in Christ, God and sinners are reconciled. Christians are reconciled to one another and together are […]

I am Saved


A gift is something you haven’t worked for, you haven’t paid for, you haven’t earned, you haven’t achieved. It’s free. So whatever else grace means, it’s a free gift that is essential, costly and shocking.

I am Blessed in Christ


In Ephesians 1:3-14, we’re told if you’re a Christian you have already been blessed (past tense) with every spiritual blessing there is. What in the world could he mean by that? Listen as we answer the questions: How do we get every spiritual blessing? What is every spiritual blessing? Why can we have every spiritual blessing?

I Am Set Apart

Ephesians 1:1-3 states that we are saints, set apart. Sainthood is not a spiritual attainment, or even a recognition of such attainment. It is rather a state or status into which God brings every believer. All Christians are saints.