Messy: Loving Other Isn’t Easy

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This four-week series examines the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself” and its uses throughout the Bible. Loving others isn’t easy. It requires selflessness and intentionality. Starting in the Old Testament, and moving through the Gospels and Paul’s letters, this series looks at how God expects us to fulfill this command today.

Building Healthy Relationships


Relationships define your life. For good or evil, relationships define your life. We spend so much time IN our relationships that we never really stop to look AT our relationships. In this sermon we want to look AT our relationships.

Christian Community


Hebrews 10:19-25 Huge numbers of Americans today say to pollsters, “Oh, I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious.” If you listen carefully, what that means is, “I’m interested in God, but I’m not interested in the church.” They’ve lost hope for the church, but if they understood Scripture, they might have hope for the church.