Prove It

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A Christian’s life should be living proof of their connection to the Father. Essentially, our sacrificial love for others is a testament of our sacrificial love for God. In his first epistle—which forms the basis for this series—the apostle John walks
through several aspects of the Christian life, revealing where the evidence lies for each.
Do you know God? You can prove it because the evidence is in your obedience. Do you truly love your neighbor? You can prove it because the evidence is in your sacrifice. We don’t earn God’s forgiveness with our good deeds, but a transformed life should look just like that—transformed.



1 John 4:1-6 The Christian faith does have exclusive claims but so does any faith assumptions. The question is which set of exclusive beliefs actually lead to an inclusive community.

Fellowship with God


1 John 1:1-4 A strong Christian life must find its foundation in the knowledge that Jesus is real, that He lives, and that we can have a relationship with Him. If we believe these principles, no sacrifice for Christ is too great.