Summer in the Psalms

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The cries of the human heart do not change from one generation to the next. The expressions of the Psalmist, then, remain strikingly relevant and understandable to us today. Through petition, praise, lament and song, the Psalmist articulates both the difficulties of living in a fallen world but also the eternal truths about the character of God. Those who are burdened by life’s trials will discover that the Psalms are, as one commentator called them, “the soul’s medicine chest.”

True Worship


Psalm 122 It is clearly the most important topic that a human mind could ever consider. It is the thing that defines everything in your life. It is a thing that is mistakenly connected to religion, but is vastly bigger than that. It is a thing that separates you from the rest of creation. It […]

The Steadfast Love of God


Psalm 88, Psalm 89 There are a number of Psalms in the Bible where it’s like you find yourself right in the middle of a bad story and you have no idea how it is going to turn out; how it can possibly turn out well. Will life ever be better?

God Has a Purpose for You


Psalm 57 Few things in life are as important as finding your purpose. When you understand something’s purpose, you can put up with all kinds of inconvenience and pain because of it.

The Right Question


Psalm 15 Psalm 15 asks the right question. It is a question that really does get to the heart of the identity of every human being. If you want to know who you are, if you want to know why you have been given breath, if you want to know what in the world your […]

Responding to Trials


Psalm 4 Psalm 4 is a wonderful look, a wonderful window into the heart of a man who’s in the middle of a trial, in the middle of the unthinkable.  And in that way, it’s a bit of a textbook for us on how to fight this spiritual war of trial.

The Way of the Righteous


Psalm 1 You live in a fallen world. You’re surrounded by influential voices all the time. To live effectively and faithfully, you need to know what the Lord says about the world you’re living in. In this sermon, Pastor Jason extracts six principles for living from the first Psalm.