The Red & The Blue

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Politics divide like no other. This 3-week series wrestles with what it means to be politically active, and yet still charitable toward those who disagree with us. With Christ as our ultimate authority, we will have the desire to do what is right and live peacefully among our brothers and sisters. Instead of being a slave to politics, we should live as servants to the one true King.

Trust God not Politics


Psalm 146 God introduces himself as the God of all power, omnipotence. He likes to introduce himself as the God of incredible power who loves to use that power especially on behalf of the weak and the powerless.

Civil Disobedience


Romans 13:1-2 Paul gives a clear statement to submit to the government. But the question always comes up, “Does a Christian have to obey every rule?”

God and Government


Romans 13:1-7 We are two days away from electing a new president. And in the middle of this we are discovering that we are so divided. We have such diverse opinions and beliefs that we tend to not even socialize with people that have a different opinion. Part of the reason for our division is […]