Vivid: Seeing with Gospel Clarity

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Vivid cuts through the superficiality of religion and reacquaints you with the revolutionary truth of God's gracious acceptance of us in Christ. The gospel is the power of God, and the only true source of joy, freedom, radical generosity, and audacious faith. The gospel produces in us what religion never could: a heart that desires God.

Gospel-Centered Church


1 Peter 2:1-12 It’s one thing for an individual to have a reawakening to the greatness of the gospel. It takes it to another level for an entire church to experience something like this. Can you imagine the kind of witness hundreds of people living gospel-centered lives together in a local church might have in […]

Gospel Obedience


Ephesians 2:1-10 If the gospel changes internally, on the spot, so that we desire what is right, why are there so many “commands” still in the New Testament? Doesn’t the whole concept of “commands” imply that we need to be told to do something that we otherwise might not do? If right behavior came naturally, […]

Gospel Faith

So far in this gospel-centered prayer we have considered (1) the freeness of God’s acceptance of us, (2) the weightiness that should have with us, and (3) how it calls for a radical response of generosity toward others. In this final part of The Gospel-Centered Prayer, we’ll see how the gospel moves us to audacious […]

Radical Response

It’s impossible to really experience the grace of the gospel and not be transformed into a person of kindness, generosity, and love. When we experience the generosity of the gospel, we will naturally extend that generosity to others. We become people with a generous spirit, and that affects how we treat others and what we […]



Exodus 20:1-6 What do you really feel like has to be present in your life for you to be happy? For life to be worth living? Maybe, if you were really honest, you’d have to admit that it’s money. Or the acclaim of others. Or power. Or family. Friends, even church. Is it God? Is […]



Luke 19:1-10 In Christ, there is nothing you can do that would make God love you more, and nothing you have done that makes God love you less.



John 15:1-17 Being able to articulate the gospel with accuracy is one thing; having its truth captivate your soul is quite another. There is a difference in knowing that honey is sweet and having that sweetness burst alive in your mouth. The gospel is not just supposed to be our ticket into heaven; it is […]