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Matthew 15 Rather than superficial religion, we need supernatural regeneration based on the authority of God’s Word, for this work of God produces holiness of heart and it reaches all peoples.

Authority Part 2


Matthew 9:1-34 Matthew has already shown us in chapter 8 that Jesus has authority over disease—leprosy, paralysis, and fevers are all His servants. He also has authority over disciples, disasters, and demons. And all this is good news for followers of Christ. We trust in His authority over all these things and we rejoice in […]

Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone


2 Timothy 3;14-17 The Reformers consistently proclaimed that as the Word of God, Scripture alone is our highest authority and the standard by which we must interpret all knowledge and truth. Scripture does not claim to contain everything we want to know, but it contains everything we need to know for life. Who am I? […]

The Word That Determines Reality


Behind the difficulties, challenges, oppositions, and hardships that we face are fundamental questions such as Who is in control of life?, Who gets to set the rules?, Who should be obeyed? These are the questions Pharaoh is dealing with in Exodus 7-12, and he is confronted with circumstances that he cannot control and which are […]

All in a Name


What does this naming event of Jesus tell us? How does that apply to us? How does that apply to how we’re supposed to discover who we are? Here is God showing us how Jesus knew who he was. How does that apply to us finding out who we are? In the Bible, your name […]

The Ascension of the King


The disciples are assuming that for the kingdom to be restored to Israel will mean some kind of national superiority, perhaps a military defeat of Israel’s enemies. But what Jesus has in mind is every bit as much the fulfillment of God’s long-delayed plan for Israel and the kingdom. He has now been raised from […]