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Matthew 18 We come to Christ initially with child-like humility and then continue to follow Him under the loving discipline of a local church.  



Matthew 13:53-14:36 Our worship of Christ is a direct reflection of our belief in Christ. We could also put it this way: What we believe about Jesus will determine everything about how we worship Jesus.

Fireproof Faith


Daniel 3:1-30 We’re looking at the book of Daniel, because after living for centuries in a culture in which the cultural institutions supported their belief in God, the Israelites, in this book, had found themselves in Babylon, a religiously pluralistic society where all the cultural institutions, the government and the media and the education and […]

Trust God not Politics


Psalm 146 God introduces himself as the God of all power, omnipotence. He likes to introduce himself as the God of incredible power who loves to use that power especially on behalf of the weak and the powerless.



The Christian life is the adventure of a lifetime, but many people never come to see it that way. In fact, many people look at the Jesus Way from the outside and completely miss what it’s really all about. The only way to truly see what following Jesus is like is to first explore it […]

Aren’t All Religions the Same?


Acts 17:16-34 We all know the world is filled with a wide variety of religions. Though not all religions are the same, sometimes the similarities can be striking. Most religions acknowledge a divine being or beings—for simplicity’s sake, we’ll call that entity God. Furthermore, people of all religious stripes tend to believe there is a barrier […]

Gospel Obedience


Ephesians 2:1-10 If the gospel changes internally, on the spot, so that we desire what is right, why are there so many “commands” still in the New Testament? Doesn’t the whole concept of “commands” imply that we need to be told to do something that we otherwise might not do? If right behavior came naturally, […]

Gospel Faith

So far in this gospel-centered prayer we have considered (1) the freeness of God’s acceptance of us, (2) the weightiness that should have with us, and (3) how it calls for a radical response of generosity toward others. In this final part of The Gospel-Centered Prayer, we’ll see how the gospel moves us to audacious […]