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Marriage and Divorce

Note: There were some issues in recording the first few minutes of the sermon. Matthew 19:1-12 God created and defined the covenant of marriage, and therefore He alone sets the grounds for divorce, which He hates; nevertheless, God continues to hold out hope in the gospel for all who have disobeyed Him in this area.



Matthew 18 We come to Christ initially with child-like humility and then continue to follow Him under the loving discipline of a local church.  



Matthew 15 Rather than superficial religion, we need supernatural regeneration based on the authority of God’s Word, for this work of God produces holiness of heart and it reaches all peoples.



Matthew 13:53-14:36 Our worship of Christ is a direct reflection of our belief in Christ. We could also put it this way: What we believe about Jesus will determine everything about how we worship Jesus.

The Kingdom of God is Like

Matthew 13 Jesus’ parables tell of a kingdom that, despite being unrecognized and rejected by some, is already accomplishing its purpose in the world, and it will one day be gloriously consummated, resulting in eternal judgment for those who reject the gospel and eternal life for those who genuinely trust in Christ and treasure His […]



Matthew 11 Although followers of Christ may experience doubt, we must trust in and submit to the truths of God’s Word concerning who Jesus is and what He has provided for us in the gospel.



Matthew 9:35-10:42 After having looked at the truly encouraging news of the authority of Jesus in His teaching, preaching, and healing in the last several chapters, it would be a mistake to conclude that this good news is meant solely for us. The reality is that there’s a world around us suffering amid sin and […]