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Intentional Prayer


Colossians 4:2-4 We typically think about relationships with other believers. Church relationships, small groups, family, etc. But how often to we purposely thing about the many relationships we have with people who are not yet believers? This week and next we will examine how to handle these relationships.

Gospel Resources


Romans 8:12-30 If your life is really going to be equipped in any spiritual way for real life, we have to see how it is that faith in Christ or how it is that Christ actually does prepare you to face the unavoidable brutalities of life. This passage gives us four gospel resources to face […]

The Glory of Prayer


Daniel 9:1-23 We talk about knowing God a lot, and most of us, I would think, would say that we want to know God. And if you want to know what a person looks like who knows God, Daniel is a good example of that. He was resolute; he was a man who loved God’s […]



Acts 2:42 A lot of people have explored faith in Jesus and have liked what they found, but it stops there. When you decide to follow Jesus, the only way to experience it for all its worth is to jump in with both feet, really engage learning, engage your own spiritual gifts, engage spiritual disciplines, […]

Gospel Faith

So far in this gospel-centered prayer we have considered (1) the freeness of God’s acceptance of us, (2) the weightiness that should have with us, and (3) how it calls for a radical response of generosity toward others. In this final part of The Gospel-Centered Prayer, we’ll see how the gospel moves us to audacious […]



We find it increasingly difficult to be still. Advertisements tell us to “Act now!” Facebook and Twitter keep us up to date by the second of what everyone else is doing or thinking. Fast food restaurants encourage us to cook, procure, and eat food quickly. Our inbox and calendar always remind us of our obligations […]

Knowing God Through Prayer


One of God’s mysterious qualities is his ability to be both intimate and yet immense; empathetic and yet all-powerful. Why would the creator of the universe take interest in me? And yet, the scriptures are clear that God desires intimate, personal relationship with his creation. Jesus himself retreats regularly for extended times of prayer. In […]

Knowing God Introduction


Rather than handing us a rulebook, Jesus provided assurance of God’s unconditional love and acceptance. Christianity is more about restoring relationship with our creator than jumping through bunches of hoops, and then hoping that we measure up. No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you’ve wronged, God is anxiously awaiting your return. […]