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God Has a Purpose for You


Psalm 57 Few things in life are as important as finding your purpose. When you understand something’s purpose, you can put up with all kinds of inconvenience and pain because of it.

The Right Question


Psalm 15 Psalm 15 asks the right question. It is a question that really does get to the heart of the identity of every human being. If you want to know who you are, if you want to know why you have been given breath, if you want to know what in the world your […]

God and Government


Romans 13:1-7 We are two days away from electing a new president. And in the middle of this we are discovering that we are so divided. We have such diverse opinions and beliefs that we tend to not even socialize with people that have a different opinion. Part of the reason for our division is […]

Why Does God Allow Suffering?


Job 1:6-12 There’s nothing more certain than that you’re going to suffer, and at least people around you are going to be suffering disease, death, disaster, and deep disappointment. When you suffer, it’s so natural to ask the question … Why? In fact, instinctively, sometimes it’s the very first thing out of your mouth when […]

Does Life Have a Purpose?

Explore God Series

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?” It seems everyone does at some point. Even the most non-philosophical or irreligious person at one time or another wonders what it’s all about. What’s my purpose? What’s the meaning of it all? Why am I here? Where am I going? Whether rich or poor, African […]

Life Between Sundays

All In Sermon Series at Hill Country Bible Church Dripping Springs

Last week we looked at the vision for HCBCDS. Our vision is that every man, woman and child has the chance to experience the life-transforming power of Jesus. That is the vision. That is the end goal for what we are here to do. Provide opportunity through both word and deed to display the gospel […]