Join Us in Serving Others

Help us make Jesus known & His kingdom visible in the church, the city and the world

God has given each of us specific gifts and passions that He has designed for impacting others for their good and their growth. In the process, we develop and are enriched more than we can imagine. Everybody wins when we use all that God has given us to contribute and make a difference. So, enjoy discovering your unique design and envisioning how God wants to use you to Impact Others.

Below you will find different areas you can serve in the church, the community and around the world. This is just a sampling of the opportunities that are available. If you need help figuring out where to serve then click here or scroll down to discover your spiritual gifts and passions.

Serve the Church

Our weekday and weekend gatherings take a lot of people to make them work, from ushers to greeters, youth and adult group leaders, our care ministry and everywhere in-between. If you call Hill Country Bible Church home, we ask that you join one of these teams and use the unique gifts that God has given you to help make these gatherings happen.

Areas to Serve
  • children's ministry (check in, nursery, preschool, toddler, elementary, crafts)
  • student ministry (hospitality, junior high, high school, mentor)
  • greeter / hospitality
  • technology (website, social media, podcast)
  • worship team (music, sound, lights, visuals)
  • facilitating Bible study or REALife group
  • facilities
  • benevolence team

Serve Dripping Springs

We believe God has called us to be a church that turns our hearts and our focus to local communities. We seek and are committed to building relationships and have intentional and strategic partnerships where we can work alongside the work God is already doing in our city.
With this in mind, here are the ways we can be Christ’s ambassadors in our community. There is a part for each of us to play.

Local Partners:
School's Out, Food's In
Hometown Mission
Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center

Serve the World

We believe God has called Hill Country Bible Church to be a church that that follows Him by turning our hearts and our focus to global communities by serving our neighbor where they are.

Reach the World:
  • Compassion International
  • ETEE
  • 20 Schemes


Use our online Spiritual Gifts Inventory tool  below or visit and submit your top three spiritual gifts with the form below.

Spiritual Gifts Listed in the Bible

This gift is used by God for the purpose of discovering and casting the “big picture” vision. Individuals with this gift are able to convey vision to the body of Christ and to inspire believers to use their gifts to accomplish the mission. Key words – vision, lead.
Persons with the gift of administration are typically detailed organizers and strategic thinkers with the ability to take a big picture vision and break it down into stages of development and orderly tasks. They are good at delegating tasks and monitoring their progress. Key words – strategy, organize.
This gift is given to serve and strengthen the body of Christ by teaching sound doctrine in relevant ways and empowering people to gain a sound and mature spiritual education. It is their passion to make biblical concepts clear and understandable and they seek opportunities to help others grasp biblical truth. Key words – teach, train.
The gift of knowledge usually manifests itself in teaching and training. It is the God-given desire and ability to learn, know, and explain the precious truths of God’s Word. They are drawn to extensive study of God’s Word and the historical context in which it was written. Key words – scholar, knowledgeable.
Wisdom is the gift that discerns the work of the Holy Spirit. Individuals with this gift are often sought after by members of the body who need counsel and sound advice. They have the ability to offer practical ways to apply biblical truth in real-world situations. They recognize God as the primary source of wisdom and direction. Key words – wise, direction.
The gift of prophecy is proclaiming the Word of God boldly. This builds up the body and leads to conviction of sin. Prophecy usually manifests itself in preaching and teaching. It includes both “forth telling” (preaching) and “foretelling” (revelation). They frequently receive and share specific direction from God for comforting, challenging and confronting His people. Key words – confrontation, boldness.
Discernment aids the body by recognizing peoples’ true intentions. Discernment tests the message and actions of others for the protection and well-being of the body. They are able to “read” others and are most often correct in their assessment. They can recognize the spiritual source of a message. Key words – discerning, authenticity.
Possessors of this gift help others live God-centered lives through inspiration, encouragement, counseling and empowerment. This gift is also known as “encouragement.” Individuals with this gift are able to help believers trust in the sovereignty of God in difficult times. They see the circumstances of life from a spiritual rather than a physical perspective. They look to the eternal rather than the temporal. Key words – encourage, inspire.
The gift of shepherding is manifested in persons who look out for the spiritual welfare of others. Although pastors, like shepherds, do care for members of the church, this gift is not limited to a pastor or staff member. Individuals having this gift have the ability to develop personal, trust-based relationships with a small number of people. Key words – guide, mentor.
Faith trusts God to work beyond the human capabilities of people. Believers with this gift encourage others to trust God in the face of apparently insurmountable odds. They typically have a passionate prayer life and embrace ideas that most see as impossible. Key words – believe, trust.
Those with the gift of evangelism lead others to Christ effectively and enthusiastically. They have a deep concern for those who do not know Christ. They are good at building relational bridges with non-believers and seem to have a sense when a person is open to Christ’s message of forgiveness. Key words – witness, outreach.
Apostles motivate the body to look beyond its walls in order to carry out the Great Commission. Apostleship provides people with the desire and ability to start new endeavors for God, most often churches. They are eager to be known as ambassadors for Christ in the world. Key words – planter, entrepreneur.
Those with the gift of service/helps recognize practical needs in the body and joyfully give assistance to meeting those needs. Those exercising this gift typically take on the challenges of ministry that occur “behind the scenes” and do not seek recognition for their service. They have a servant heart and are fulfilled in serving others. Key words – helper, servant.
Persons with this gift aid the body by empathizing with hurting members. They keep the body healthy and unified by keeping others aware of the needs within the church. This gift is seen in Christians that are drawn to minister to the needs of those in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc. They are able to connect at a deep level with those who are grieving and walk with them through difficult seasons of life. Key words – care, empathize.
Members with the gift of giving give freely and joyfully to the work and mission of the body beyond the tithe. Cheerfulness and liberality are characteristics of individuals with this gift. They prefer their donations to be anonymous and recognize that their resources are merely tools for God’s use. Key words – generosity, caring.
Those with this gift have the ability to make visitors, guests and strangers feel at ease. Persons with this gift integrate new members into the body and are known for making those around them feel valued and significant. They desire that people always feel loved and welcomed and often have gatherings at their home for fellowship. Key words – welcome, valued.

Discover Your Passions